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Social Networking

Social Networking

Twitter, MySpace, Facebook.  Whether you’re jumping on board with these fads or not, Haute House PR respects these SNS as powerful marketing tools that should be implemented for all of our fashion and beauty brands

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. Tweens and those on Capitol Hill are using these networking sites to discuss all of their favorite trends, happenings and important events, and it’s imperative for our brands to be front and center in their minds.  Facebook boasts 250 million active users on their site which speaks to just one portal’s instant, unparallel exposure.

Here at Haute House PR, we’re able to build your Social Networking sites internally and maintain them on a daily basis, adding more followers, updating blog content with celebrity shots, trend reports, and editorial and online press.  We know that these sites are proven to be a success and help connect your brand with your consumer on a more personal level.